Embracing You in 2022

Embracing You in 2022
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Welcome to 2022! It just might be the best year ever to make resolutions that feel less like a forced march and more like a restoration plan. Ultimately, we all want to do more and be more, but if we’ve learned anything in the past two years it’s that flexibility, adaptability and ingenuity are key components for survival. So this year, aim to make holistic resolutions designed to restore and support your whole being, so that your goals are more achievable, no matter what they may be. Consider what will inspire you to be more productive, better equipped for stress-busting and ready to jump into 2022 with more positivity and stamina than ever before.

How can Natural Body Spa & Shop support your goals for 2022?

We at Natural Body Spa & Shop believe in making resolutions within reach. Something as simple as making time for ourselves may not always be easy, yet it has the power to transform our lives. As the holidays end and we return to the daily grind, it may feel twice as hard to catch up on work and tend to our wellness needs. But bite-sized goals can serve as a way to ease back in without the pressure of unrealistic goals we may feel pressured to set. Here are three top resolutions within reach to help you start the new year on the path to wellness.    

Good Night; Sleep Tight

Sleep is a basic need that is too often overlooked, even though without it we put ourselves at risk of danger and disease. While it takes some discipline, good sleep is key to every aspect of our health, wellness, productivity and happiness. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to sleep well only some of the time. Getting consistently solid sleep that begins and ends at the same time each day can make all the difference in our approach to every aspect of life. Start by setting a notification to head to bed at the same time each night, and another alarm to wake up at the same time each morning. It helps to establish a simple nightly routine that includes a minimum of screen time, a luxurious bath or shower, and a relaxing nighttime mediation or audio book. Guided meditation and soothing sounds (like ocean waves or the rainforest), which are widely available on a variety of free phone apps such as Spotify and Insight Timer, can help refocus your thoughts and ease you into a restful state. If you routinely suffer from insomnia, consider incorporating a weekly or monthly routine of massage therapy to support relaxation and break the stress cycle. CBD massage at Natural Body Spa & Shop is especially recommended to induce next-level relaxation. You are worth it!

Nourish Your Skin

As your largest organ, your skin should not go ignored. Treating your skin with organic and nutrient-rich products doesn’t have to break the bank or take up too much time in your AM/PM routine. Let Natural Body Spa & Shop help you heal your skin in the new year as a celebration of rejuvenation and important step in your wellness routine. You can shop at Natural Body Spa & Shop for the most effective products including Thymes, Eminence Organic Skin Care and US CBD Pain Relief liniment.

Create a Beauty Routine Built for Wellness

Making wellness a part of your regular routine is good for you across the board and speaks volumes about how you prioritize your self-worth, which is important not only for you, but for those closest to you. If you’re striving to be at the top of your game in order to show up for others, you must first show up for yourself by investing the time to take care of yourself. Give yourself the gift of time and self-care. Natural Body Spa & Shop has a variety of treatments like body therapies, pain relief massages, anti-aging facials and more created to inspire you to Embrace YOU in 2022 all year long!  

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To learn more about wellness treatments including CBD massage, Natural Body Spa & Shop’s team of certified estheticians and massage therapists would love to help guide you. Visit one of Natural Body Spa & Shop’s 10 locations in Georgia or Tennessee today or book your appointment online today. If you prefer, you can pick-up products and gift cards curbside or shop online today.


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