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Massage enhances your mind-body connection by alleviating pain, promoting relaxation, and relieving stress and anxiety. At Natural Body Spa & Shop, with ten locations throughout Georgia and Tennessee, the therapists offer various massage packages to meet your personalized needs and restore your quality of life. Book an appointment or purchase massage packages for your employees or loved ones over the phone or online today.

Our Signature Massages

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Natural Body Spa & Shop offers massages that include manual manipulation using pressure, stones, cannabidiol (CBD), or other products that relieve stress, tension, and chronic pain. In addition to the physical benefits, massages also optimize mental health, using techniques that best suit your personalized needs.

Before your session, the Natural Body Spa & Shop specialists review all options with you, including:

Cannabidiol (CBD) massage

Hemp-derived CBD oil has pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory properties. Your therapist uses cannabidiol from arnica, menthol, hemp, and camphor during each 60- or 90-minute session.

Natural Body massage

These award-winning massages use hot towel compresses, warm neck pillows, and essential oils. Your therapist applies light to medium pressure during each 60- or 90-minute session.

Pain relief massage

Arnica products containing anti-inflammatory properties ease sore muscles and painful strains during these 60- or 90-minute sessions.

Deep pressure power massage 

These massages focus on specific muscle groups to loosen tightness, relieve tension, and accelerate healing for sports or other injuries during each 60- or 90-minute session.

Allergy and sinus relief massage

During this 60- or 90-minute session, your therapist uses eucalyptus to ease nasal stuffiness and calendula and rosemary foot rubs.

Heated stone therapy massage

Your therapist uses warm, polished basalt lava stones, heat, and pressure to penetrate muscle tissue and induce deep relaxation during this 60- or 90-minute session.

Togetherness massage

A great way to bond with your loved ones is a 60- or 90-minute natural body massage in a private room for two. You can add deep pressure therapy and receive complimentary lotions from the custom blending bar. 

Mom and me togetherness massage

Pamper your Mom during this rejuvenating 60- or 90-minute joint session — a perfect Mother's Day or birthday gift!

Sleep therapy massage

Relax and fall asleep during this 60- or 90-minute session. This massage utilizes valerian and hops oils and extra attention to your feet.

Seasonal body scrub and massage

During this 75-minute session, your therapist uses a scrub to exfoliate calloused or flaky skin on your body, hands, and feet, then rehydrates and refreshes it during the massage.

Pregnancy massage

Relax with a 60- or 90-minute session with care from a massage therapist specifically trained in pregnancy massage. A physician release is required during the first trimester. These make excellent baby shower gifts.

Sinus relief treatment

If you’re suffering from sinus pressure and headaches, relief is within reach. The therapists use lymphatic and pressure-point techniques and analgesic essential oil blends, such as eucalyptus, lemon, and pine, to drain blocked nasal passageways during this 30-minute session.

Scalp massage

Your therapist uses essential oils to hydrate and stimulate your scalp and neck for 15 minutes. Add this to any 60-minute service.

Chair massage

Available on a walk-in basis, squeeze in a 15-minute chair massage.

NB express massage

A simpler, shorter version of the natural body massage, an NB express session lasts 30-45 minutes.

The massage that best suits your needs depends on your health, preferences, time, and budget. Your therapist works with you to personalize a package.

The team offers bridal and corporate spa packages, men’s club retreats, deluxe and signature spa days, and body detox, treatment, and tune-ups. To learn more or schedule an appointment, call the office or book online today.