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Facials help rejuvenate even the most dull-looking skin without invasive procedures or downtime. If you’re ready for a refreshed, youthful look, the team of estheticians at select Natural Body Spa & Shop locations in Georgia and Tennessee, are here for you. They offer a wide array of custom facials to match your skin type and desired aesthetic outcome. Schedule a facial with Natural Body Spa & Shop over the phone or online today, or you can purchase facial packages for your employees, bridal parties, and loved ones.

Our Signature Facials

woman getting facial

Facials are noninvasive procedures that exfoliate and nourish your face to reduce the effects of aging, such as wrinkles and sunspots, without downtime. The Natural Body Spa & Shop aestheticians revitalize and brighten your skin using Éminence Organic Skin Care and other quality products. 

Natural Body Spa & Shop offers the following types of facials:

Teen facials

These are specifically designed for teenagers. During each 50-minute session, your teen receives a rejuvenating facial with Éminence Organic products that clean, balance, and rejuvenate skin.


Designed for your skin and body, HydraFacials deliver highly effective exfoliation, peels, extraction, hydration, and nourishment for all skin types. Some include LED red or blue light therapy and lymphatic drainage. Sessions may last 30-60 minutes, depending on the treatment. Please note, hydrafacials are not available at the Natural Body Spa & Shop locations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, or Marietta, Buckhead, and Snellville, Georgia. 

Natural Body facials

Natural Body facials offer aromatherapy, lymphatic massage, and quality products for all skin types. Each session lasts 60 minutes.

Anti-aging facials

These facials help hydrate your skin and give you the youthful glow you desire. Your aesthetician tailors each 60-minute session to your personalized needs. 

Eminence VitaSkin™ Bright Skin Facials

These 60-minute facials reduce the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation caused by sun exposure, aging, and pollution. Stonecrop brightens your complexion, while yam and pumpkin remove dead skin cells.

Eminence VitaSkin™ Firm Skin Facials

These 60-minute facials reduce wrinkles and boost skin elasticity using hyaluronic acid and antioxidant berries.

Eminence VitaSkin™ Calm Skin Facials

These 60-minute facials use calendula, chamomile, and arnica to soothe sensitive skin and help you achieve a more evenly toned complexion. 

Eminence VitaSkin™ Clear Skin Facials

These 60-minute facials are customized to clear up skin with all-natural ingredients. Attain the appearance of a radiant and clear complexion thanks to cooling cucumber tones and refining yogurt, which exfoliates and eliminates the appearance of blemishes while willow bark and tea tree help to remove impurities.

Natural facelifts

Natural facelifts use ultrasonic plant stem cells and micronutrient technology to enhance collagen and elastin production and sculpt, lift, and tone facial muscles during each 75-minute session.

Age corrective facials

A natural retinol alternative and green apple stem cells enhance your skin’s youth and beauty by rejuvenating multiple skin layers. You’ll experience a fuller, brighter, more evenly toned complexion after each 60-minute session.

Arctic berry peel and peptide facials

These 60-minute facials hydrate and even out your complexion using berries, arctic plants, and peptide illuminating complexes. 

Blueberry detox firming facials

These 60-minute facials use raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, paprika, lactic acid, and biocomplex ingredients to rejuvenate and hydrate your skin for a youthful look.

Men’s rebalancing facials

During a 60-minute men’s facial, your esthetician uses cleansing and rejuvenating treatments to counteract the effects of shaving and other skin irritants.

Clinical strength peel treatments

Clinical strength chemical peels help renew your skin, boost collagen, even out skin color, and resurface your skin to maximize revitalization without downtime. Sessions last 30 minutes.

Skin resurfacing microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion uses DiamondTome™ technology to remove the older, outermost layers of your skin. It helps boost collagen and elastin, retexturize, and generate new cells. Sessions last 60 minutes.

NB express facials

When you’re tight on time, try the 30-minute NB express facial — an excellent option for normal, sensitive, and acne skin types.

Back facial, bright eye, and citrus lip treatments

Back facial treatments use strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant and Hungarian mud for skin revitalization during 30-minute sessions. Bright eye treatments diminish the look of tired, saggy under-eye areas, and citrus lip treatments rehydrate and revitalize dry lips.

Your Natural Body Spa & Shop specialist completes a thorough consultation before your facial and customizes treatments to best suit your skin type and desired outcome. Consider gift packages for your employees, bridal parties, friends, and family members.

Don’t let signs of aging ruin your confidence. Schedule a facial with Natural Body Spa & Shop over the phone or online today.