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If you’re ready for relaxation, detoxification, exfoliation, and skin rejuvenation for your entire body, the body therapies at Natural Body Spa & Shop can help. Our experienced staff offers multiple body scrubs and exfoliating treatments for skin renewal, and the spa has ten convenient locations throughout Georgia and Tennessee. You can schedule an appointment with Natural Body Spa & Shop or buy a spa package for your loved ones online or in the shop today.

Our Signature Body Therapies

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Body therapies at Natural Body Spa & Shop use quality, natural skin care products to exfoliate, detoxify, hydrate, and nourish skin throughout your entire body. Body therapies also help relax you to ease stress or anxiety and improve your mind-body connection. Numerous body therapy packages, which can be customized to your skin type and preferences, are available at Natural Body Spa & Shop.

Natural Body Spa & Shop offers multiple body therapy sessions to meet your personalized needs. The estheticians may recommend a combination of treatments over the course of several weeks or months to help you achieve the most desirable outcome. Common body therapies performed at Natural Body Spa & Shop include:

Seasonal rest and renew body therapy

Seasonal rest and renew body therapy sessions utilize full-body exfoliation with a dry-brush treatment. Exfoliation prepares your skin for the nourishing and hydrating masques that revitalize and refresh your skin from top to bottom. Each session lasts 75 minutes.

Seasonal body scrub

When choosing a seasonal body scrub at Natural Body Spa & Shop, you receive a deep exfoliating treatment.. Natural Body Spa & Shop experts choose fresh, natural ingredients that refresh your skin for a brighter, healthier look.

Rest and renew body therapy

Natural Body Spa & Shop’s rest and renew body therapy combines exfoliating treatments using a dry brush followed by award-winning seaweed and seasonal recipes. Cotton gloves to soothe your skin during each relaxing, rejuvenating body therapy treatment. Each session lasts 75 minutes.

Seasonal exfoliating body treatment

During the seasonal exfoliating body treatment at Natural Body Spa and & Shop, your therapist uses an exfoliating body polish to energize and detoxify your body. Seasonal recipes are in harmony with nature, offering top-quality natural, flavorful products that optimize skin revitalization. Examples include the Éminence Organic stonecrop for skin correction and hydration. Each session lasts 30 minutes.

Natural Body Spa & Shop specialists work with you to customize body therapy treatments that best suit your skin type, preferences, time, and budget. Consider them as gifts for your employees, friends, family members, or bridal parties.

Don’t let dull and dry skin make you feel self-conscious. Schedule a body therapy session at Natural Body Spa and & Shop over the phone or online today.