Which Type of Massage is Best for You?

If you want a professional massage but are unfamiliar with the terminology and types of services available to you, we’re here to help. Natural Body Spa offers a wide range of massage services for our guests, but we also want you to choose the treatment that is best for you.

Read on to discover which type of massage is best suited to your own needs.

Natural Body Massage (based on Swedish Massage)

What is it? This is the type of treatment most people probably think of when they hear the word “massage.” It uses long, sweeping motions of pressure to ease muscle tension and relax the body.

Who is it for? The Natural Body Massage is a great place to start for beginners. If you’ve never gotten a massage before and are looking to experience one for the first time and just relax, you really can’t go wrong. You can expect light-to-medium pressure with a focus on the entire body.

How will I feel after? You should feel relaxed with very minimal soreness.

What do I do next? We recommend plenty of water throughout the day, and a warm salt bath at night.

Power Massage, with Deep Pressure Therapy

What is it? Deep pressure massages are not necessarily for relaxation – they often treat pain or specific conditions. You can expect a deep pressure massage to focus on a singular area rather than the whole body, with the intent of smoothing out muscle knots.

Who is it for? You may be interested in a deep pressure massage if you notice chronic pain in your muscles, particularly from manual labor or sports. Trouble areas often include the neck or shoulders with a feeling or stiffness or cramping.

How will I feel after? You may experience soreness, as this is a therapeutic massage. The trouble spots may feel tender for a few days. However, after the muscles have recovered, you should be feeling better!

What do I do next? Plenty of water, an aromatherapy salt soak, and some arnica gel applied to the sore spots.

Heated Stone Massage

What is it? A Heated Stone Massage uses conventional relaxation massage techniques, with the addition of warmed stones added to provide weight and warmth to the experience. The heat helps release tension in your muscles.

Who is it for? If you’re comfortable with traditional relaxation massage and want to add an extra component and treat yourself, consider a Hot Stone Massage.

How will I feel after? Relaxed and free of tension.

What do I do next? We always suggest extra water intake after a massage.

Chair Massage

What is it? A chair massage is a quick massage which focuses on the upper body, and can be performed in about fifteen minutes.

Who is it for? A chair massage is perfect for someone who is short on time or does not want to remove any clothing or be covered in massage oil.

How will I feel after? You will experience some relief of tension – it’s the perfect short-term fix for soreness.

What do I do next? Consider scheduling a full length, full body massage next!

Speak with a massage expert at Natural Body Spa and learn more about massage services we offer – and schedule an appointment when you’re ready!

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