Top 6 Benefits of Meditation

If you want to feel more grounded and less stressed, without needing a massage at spas in Atlanta every day, you might want to consider meditation. While sitting still for so long might feel impossible at first, meditation offers dozens of benefits to your mind and body. Some meditation is mantra-based, and uses a vocal tool, like transcendental meditation. Other forms of meditation, like Zen, for example, are performed in complete silence. All forms share one thing in common, however, and that is mindfulness, or being fully in the present.

There are so many types of meditation, that everyone is likely to find one that works best for their needs and lifestyle. You can try using some of the many popular meditation apps to experiment with guided meditation, before you strike out on your own. After a visit to spas in Atlanta, you can continue your journey to mindfulness with a regular meditation routine.

Meditation has a range of benefits, some unexpected. These are the top six benefits of meditation that will hopefully encourage you to give this practice a try.

Reduces Stress

When we get stressed, our levels of cortisol increase, which produces many of the harmful effects of stress, like disrupted sleep and depression. Mindfulness meditation has been found to directly reduce the inflammation response caused by stress. Other studies have found that meditation reduces symptoms of stress-related illnesses and other stress symptoms.

Controls Anxiety

When your stress levels are decreased, your anxiety is as well. Meditation can also reduce symptoms of anxiety disorders, such as phobias, social anxiety, and panic attacks. When you develop a meditation routine, it can be used to calm your mind in times of anxiety or high-stress moments.

Yoga sessions that incorporate meditation are especially effective, as they combine physical activity with the meditative practice. Meditating during a massage at spas in Atlanta can have similar powerful effects.

Meditation Promotes Emotional Health

Long-term meditation practice has been found to decreases in depression over time. Some forms of meditation can lead to an improved self-image and more positive outlook on life.

Just like meditation decreases the inflammatory chemicals caused by stress, they can do the same with those that cause depressive, negative thoughts.

Increases Self-Awareness

Meditation asks you to look into yourself, so you become more aware of who you are and what causes your behavior. Through regular practice, you can develop a stronger understanding of yourself, to help you become your best self. When you understand yourself better, you may feel more confident and more understanding in how you tend to behave with others or think about yourself.

Meditation Improves Concentration

Meditation has been linked to a number of things that lead to increased ability to focus and better memory. One study showed that workers who regularly practiced meditation were able to stay focused on a task for longer and were better able to recall details from those tasks. Even four days of meditation has been found to increase attention span.

Slows Aging

Meditation can even help slow the effects of aging. Meditators have been found to have more gray matter, meaning more brain cells. Some forms of meditation can strengthen memory and mental quickness, especially for older practitioners.

A combination of massage at spas in Atlanta and regular meditation can help you on your journey to mindfulness. Just a few minutes a day of meditation could be just what you need to. reduce stress, improve concentration, and feel happier every day.

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