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Natural Body Spa and Shop wins Spa of the Year Award

Natural Body Spa and Shop, which has two locations in Cobb County, has won the Green Spa Network’s 2016 Sustainable Multi-Location Spa of the Year Award.

The award says, “Natural Body was selected for investing in the pursuit of progress towards a sustainable future and achieving outstanding accomplishments through their leadership, innovation, and dedication.”

 The award was officiated by an independent committee of industry professionals including the editor of


American Spa Magazine.

Natural Body is a sustainable day spa that operates in Cobb County at 3625 Dallas Highway, Suite 605 in Marietta; and 1675 Cumberland Parkway SE, Suite 410 in Smyrna. It has six other locations in the metro Atlanta area, two spas in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and one spa in Jacksonville, Florida.

 It was founded in 1989 by Cici Coffee in the Virginia Highland neighborhood of Atlanta.
-STAFF REPORTS, Marietta Daily Journal Online

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