Healthy Glow: Facial Treatments for Every Season

Your skincare and beauty regimen should change with the seasons. Depending on your environment, the weather can have a huge impact on your skin health and appearance. When it’s difficult to keep up with the best thing to do, follow these guidelines for the change of seasons. And why not integrate a facial for each season to start things off the right way?

Skin Care for Winter

You may have read our guidelines for winter-proofing your skin. Winter is a harsh season with cold temperatures and dry air. To stay healthy, you’ll want to make sure you moisturize to protect your skin from harsh elements and cracking.

We recommend our HydraFacial service during the winter months: it’s the perfect way to achieve exfoliation and high potency hydration.

Skin Care for Spring

As the weather warms up and you begin to spend more time outside, it’s especially important to consider sun damage. After the long months of winter are over, your skin may be particularly vulnerable to UV rays – make sure you get a head start on protection by utilizing sunscreen when you’re spending time outside.

If you experience some preliminary sunburn early in the spring, we recommend a VitaSkin Brightening Facial. It can reverse the effects of sun damage and smooth out uneven pigmentation.

Skin Care for Summer

Even if you live in a cooler climate, your skin can be prone to damage if you spend time outside in direct sunlight. Be vigilant about applying sunscreen daily and wearing protective clothing such as wide-brimmed hats and sunglasses. Extended tanning sessions can leave your skin dry and damaged.

Natural Body Spa recommends one of our VitaSkin Calming Facials during the summer months. You’ll be treated to calendula, chamomile, and arnica herb solutions which combine to sooth sensitive skin and even out your complexion.

Skin Care in Autumn

When temperatures begin to drop again and the air becomes crisp, your skin experiences an increased loss in moisture. Autumn provides a respite from the summer heat, but it’s important to get a head start on bracing for the winter. Use the autumn months to exfoliate and moisturize, and invest in a hand cream and lip balms to combat the coming dryness.

Stop in for our signature Natural Body Facial to talk about your skin care goals and hydration needs as winter approaches. Your skin will have a healthy glow as it recovers from the summer sun and prepares for the winter chill.

Contact Natural Body Spa today to learn more about our facial services – they’re perfect for any season!

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