Clean and Conscious Grooming Care for Men

Clean and Conscious Grooming Care for Men
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Less is not always more

Under the right circumstances, manscaping doesn’t have to feel like a doctor’s appointment. Still, the less is more motto seems to appeal to a lot of men seeking out clean and effective grooming routines. Let’s face it, there’s a ridiculously long list of things men would rather be doing than tending to unwanted hair removal. If their mindset is to avoid spa treatments, we suggest all-in-one products like Jack Black’s All-Over Wash for home care available at most Natural Body Spa & Shop locations.

Minimal pain, maximum gain

Your man may be wondering if the pain, meaning both physical discomfort and the infraction on his busy schedule is truly worth the bother.

Licensed professionals like the staff at Natural Body Spa & Shop offer award-winning waxing services that makes for a thorough hair removal process that is also as quick and painless as possible. They also use the finest wax products in the industry suited for the most sensitive skin and create a space to meet each client where they are in the ideal environment.

The Cirepel Wax applied during services at Natural Body Spa & Shop is hypo-allergenic, rosin-free, vegan, gluten-free, paraben-free and cruelty-free. After each wax, they offer a combination of serums that calm normal to sensitive skin and prevent ingrown hairs. Enjoy complimentary consultations for treatments and home-care suggestions at a local Natural Body Spa & Shop near you.

Welcome to the spa world

It’s not uncommon for someone to require manscaping services and not know where to turn. An intro into the glorious world of nurturing, nourishing spa treatments can start with a spa day at Natural Body Spa & Shop or a series of deep-tissue or CBD massages can lead to eventual manscaping services once feeling comfortable. Not only a means to an end, massage is yet another luxury a man may not otherwise treat himself to even with the potential benefits to his overall wellness. So, let it begin as a stress-busting tactic. He may even learn to love it and subsequently incorporate manscaping if gently suggested by the therapist.

To learn more about how to optimize your skincare routine, Natural Body’s team of certified estheticians and massage therapists would love to help guide you. Visit one of Natural Body Spa & Shop’s 10 locations in Georgia or Tennessee today. If you prefer, you can pick-up products and gift cards curbside or shop online today.



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