Chemical and Power Peels: Myths vs. Facts

Chemical peels often get a mixed reputation in the spa and esthetic industry. You may have preconceived ideas or doubts about getting a chemical peel, but in reality, many of these ideas are based on old-school practices from the past. Modern chemical and power peels are extremely safe and effective – read on to discover the truth behind some of the myths you may have heard.

Myth: Chemical peels are painful.

You should not feel pain during or after the procedure, although you may feel the ‘active’ ingredients in the products while they work. In the past, some chemical peels were performed using harsh ingredients which may have caused pain; modern spas now have the option to use products that achieve results without the nasty ingredients that can cause real discomfort. Since everyone’s skin is different, you should expect a thorough consultation or preparatory regimen before your first peel. Your esthetician will be able to choose the safest and most effective ingredients for the peel that is best for you.

Myth: All chemical peels are bad for you.

The word “chemical” carries a negative connotation. Most peels performed in a spa can deliver clinical results without harsh synthetic ingredients. For example, an Age-Defying Power Peel with Natural Body Spa uses chemicals such as alpha and beta hydroxy acids, extracted from red wine and organic cocoa.

Be cautious of drugstores or online retailers which offer chemical peel treatments that can be done at home. We always recommend consulting a spa professional to perform a peel treatment to ensure safety and quality.

Myth: I’ll need to take time off after a peel treatment.

You may have heard of clients having to wear a bandage over their face for several days after a power peel. Today, there is generally no need to hide your face after a treatment. Most routines address oily or acne-prone skin with controlled penetration to hydrate and soothe the skin without any harsh side-effects. We typically ask clients to avoid sun exposure, and forego makeup, exercise and swimming for as at least 24-48 hours after they have a peel service.

Myth: Chemical peels only do one thing – peel the skin.

Chemical and power peels do so much more than peel your skin. Natural Body Spa’s clinical strength peel treatments can address conditions such as acne breakouts, premature aging lines, dry skin, ingrown hairs, and dull skin texture. These types of treatments may not involve any peeling at all – the actual procedures can be less harsh or invasive than most people may think.

Have more questions about chemical or power peels? Contact Natural Body Spa today to speak with one of our experts. We’ll clarify the entire process and choose the products and ingredients that will compliment your skin.

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