Bacne & Beyond: 4 Blissful Benefits of Back Facials

Bacne & Beyond: 4 Blissful Benefits of Back Facials
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Have you been stopping by spas everywhere in search of a relaxing massage, only to have your sessions fall short? We have the perfect alternative for you! Back facials somehow remain a best-kept secret for many spas as clients aren’t always aware the treatment is offered by licensed estheticians. Back facials offer all of the relaxing benefits of a massage, plus the revitalizing and rejuvenating benefits of a facial treatment. At Natural Body Spa & Shop, we have several options for back treatments that range from our Signature Back Facials to our Clarifying HydraFacials® for the body.

At our locations in the Alpharetta, Marietta, Snellville, and Atlanta, GA areas, plus Chattanooga, TN, we’ve got your back—literally! If you’re looking to show off some skin this summer and want to add a little glow up to your back, read on to learn more about all the benefits back facials have to offer.

Clear Up Back Acne (“Bacne”)

We don’t just break out on our faces. Breakouts on the back are more common than you may think! As Healthline reports, bacne may be caused by genetics, medications, hormones, sweat, and, of course, stress.

Just as your regular facial treatments clear away acne on your face, back facials do the same thing for your back. A couple of our favorite options include:

  •  HydraFacial: This 3-in-1 treatment cleanses and exfoliates, extracts blockages, and infuses the skin with powerful serums. The Clarifying Back HydraFacial adds blue LED light therapy and lymphatic drainage to kill acne-causing bacteria and reduce inflammation.
  • Natural Body Back Facial: This signature back facial uses a strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant and Hungarian mud for skin revitalization.

Melt Away Tension

We carry a lot of tension in our backs and shoulders, so treating them to a little TLC can transform the way we feel from head to toe. Get all the skin pampering of a facial mixed with the many benefits of a massage. (Learn more about the benefits in our recent blog post, “Massages Offer More Benefits Than Just Relaxation.”)

Back facials take about 60 minutes, which means an hour of uninterrupted “you” time in a safe and serene space. Not only will your skin be glowing, but you’ll have the inner glow that can only come from a relaxed and stress-free state of mind.

Heal Dry or Cracked Back Skin

It’s not easy to cover your entire back when you’re slathering on moisturizer, especially the hard-to-reach mid and upper back. Because of this, it’s common to have dry skin in these areas that may feel itchy and tight. Back facials soothe this and exfoliate away dead cells to give your skin a smooth and soft feel.

We love the HydraFacial for this. HydraFacials infuse your skin with serums rich in antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acid, all of which will restore the healthy moisture your back may be missing.

Give Your Skin a 360° Glow

You always put your best face forward, but you deserve to look radiant from every angle. If you’re planning on wearing backless dresses or bikini tops anytime soon, make sure your back is ready for the spotlight.

Feel great about the way you look in any outfit when you treat your back to that just-left-the-spa glow. Not only will you look stunning when you make your big entrance, but you’ll leave them with an equally unforgettable exit.

Have questions about back facials? Contact us online or call a location in your neighborhood. You can find our day spas in Alpharetta, Brookhaven, Buckhead, Atlanta (Morningside), Decatur, Marietta, Smyrna and Snellville, GA, as well as 2 locations in Chattanooga, TN - Downtown and Riverview.

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