8 Wellness Habits to Change Your Life

8 Wellness Habits for Change

It’s never too late to change your habits. While getting a massage or facial at a wellness spa in Atlanta is a great habit for your body, there are other smaller choices you can make that will literally change your life. Try adding these 8 wellness habits to your daily schedule to feel happier and healthier.

Improve your Posture

Standing up straight isn’t just good for your spine. It also makes you look thinner, and allows your internal organs to function better. When you’re slumped, your lungs don’t take in as much oxygen as they need. When your body doesn’t get enough oxygen, you feel more fatigued. So, work on your posture to look and feel better! If you feel you have pain when you try and sit up straight, a massage at a wellness spa in Atlanta could help.

Replace Soda with Water

Even if you’ve moved from regular soda to diet, water is still a better choice. Diet soda has been proven to alter our gut microbes, contribute to weight gain, and trigger headaches. Bring a reusable water bottle around with you to encourage yourself to stay hydrated with H20. Need a little flavor? Add some berries, cucumber slices, or a dash of fruit juice to your water to give your tastebuds a little treat.

Work Out More

When our schedules get busy, it often seems that exercising is the first thing to go. But again and again, research has proven the positive effects of incorporating movement into our daily lives. Try a 15-minute yoga video before bed, or take a quick jog around the block in the morning before your shower. Or, try doing planks, jumping jacks, and burpees while you watch TV. Even a few minutes a day will make a difference.

Practice Mindfulness

Being more mindful can help alleviate stress and anxiety, eliminating their long-term side effects. Take time to meditate for a few minutes a day, or center yourself with eyes closed and a few deep breaths when you feel anxiety levels rise. Next time you’re getting a treatment done at a wellness spa in Atlanta, focus on your breathing and clearing your mind.

Eat Less Sugar

Enjoying a sweet treat is fine in moderation, but are you aware of how much sugar you are likely eating? Recommended maximum intake is 25 grams of sugar, which can be reached with just one sugary beverage. Sugar can be found everywhere in our diets, even in places you wouldn’t expect like tomato sauce. Check out the nutrition labels when you shop – prepared foods are often high in sugar, so we always recommend making meals with fresh ingredients, if possible.

Focus on Gut Health

An unhealthy gut means your body can’t properly digest all the nutrients it takes in. You can incorporate a good probiotic into your routine, or eat more probiotic foods like yogurt, kefir, and fermented veggies.

Pack a Lunch

If you find yourself heading to a fast food joint or chowing down on too many granola bars during your lunch break, it’s time for a change. Plan ahead every week to be prepared with lunches you can bring to work. You’ll save time and money, while eating healthier. Options like grain bowls are easy to prep ahead of time, and be customized to whatever you have on hand. You might even save enough money to treat yourself to a service at a wellness spa in Atlanta!

Be Grateful Every Day

Consider starting a gratitude journal. Take a minute at the end of each day to write down something you’re grateful for. Research has shown that the practice of keeping a gratitude journal can increase well-being and satisfaction with life.

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