5 Wellness Goals to Set Right Now

While it may not be possible to visit a wellness spa every day you need a boost, there are lots of goals you can set for your overall health. Staying healthy in the modern era can feel tough, thanks to our busy and chaotic lives. Take a few moments to prioritize your health and wellness with these goals you can set right now. Try incorporating them into your everyday life and you’ll be surprised to see how much better you feel.

  1. Eat More Fruits & Vegetables

Diets come and go, but experts have agreed for centuries that fruits and veggies are the way to go. A balanced diet starts with the regular “five a day” of your favorites from the category. Whether its crunching on carrot sticks and apples, adding a side salad to your dinner, or mixing up a smoothie, you’ll feel better when you do it.

If you have kids, challenge yourself to include more of these healthy foods in their diet, so everyone feels better. Maybe try an exotic item from your local farmers market, for a fun twist.

Eating a healthy diet, as well as keeping hydrated, can also improve the look of your skin, a great complement to a facial service at a wellness spa in Atlanta.

  1. Eat More Home-Cooked Meals

Hitting the drive-through on the way home feels like all you can do sometimes. But instead of relying on restaurants and fast food for your meals, spend a little time before your weekly shopping creating a menu for the week, and emphasize eating at home. You’ll spend less money, eat healthier, and get to spend quality time cooking and eating with the family.

Find a few easy meals that you can whip up in 20 minutes, and always have the ingredients on hand. Canned beans, frozen vegetables, and prepped foods from the grocery store can help speed up the process.

If you need inspiration, try looking at some food blogs or following popular social media accounts that include video instruction.

  1. Increase Muscle Strength

We all know exercise is important, and often we default to thinking we go on a run or use a stationary bike. While cardio is key to a balanced exercise plan, try focusing on muscle strength. Buy a few hand weights, exercise bands, or a medicine ball, and focus on getting definition in your arms, back and legs. Say hello to your new abs!

And if you work out too hard and find you have sore muscles, regular massages can help with recovery. Visit a wellness spa in Atlanta to relax your muscles and help you train better.

  1. Be More Present

Life is short, so take the time to be more present and enjoy the time you have! Savor each moment by taking a break to go outside and look at nature, putting your phone down while at dinner, or really listening to a friend. Being more present is a great way to feel more connected to your surroundings, and acts as a sort of active meditation all day long.

  1. Give Yourself “Me” Time

Between a demanding job, kids, and partner, you might feel you spend all day helping other people. It’s vital for your mental health to allocate a minimum of 15 minutes of you time every day, whether it’s in the bath, alone time on the porch, or a solo walk with the dog. And when you’ve got time, splurge on a massage facial or pedicure at a wellness spa in Atlanta to truly recharge.

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