CBD+ 90 Minute Massage


CBD massage


CBD+ 90 Minute Massage

*includes 30mL US CBD pain relief liniment (500mg) to use in service and at home


Return your body to harmony & bliss with our new CBD+ Massage ($149). Our 90 minute CBD+ massage includes 30mL of US by Natural Body CBD pain relief liniment (500mg) for your to enjoy during your service and at home.

At Natural Body, we make it our mission to provide you with the best service experience possible while delivering high quality home care essentials and educational insight to enhance your wellness routines at home. We have always believed that wellness is a process and caring for the largest organ on our body (our skin) and the muscles (mental and physical) that help us power through our day continues to remain a priority when we share services and products with our clients. 

CBD has become a popular product both with our health and wellness team and our clients. The benefits of Natural Body’s US CBD liniment offer a high concentration of full spectrum 500 mg CBD to relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Among other natural ingredients, we’ve also added essential oils to stimulate circulation when applied and seaweed as a natural preservative.

Offering our clients natural alternatives to add to their wellness routines is how we started our journey into the spa world and it continues to motivate our team to share simple and effective ways to invest in our bodies. After all, “if we don’t take care of our bodies where are we going to live?®”

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