Healthy Travel Tips

Vacation Some people say that everyday rules don’t apply on vacation. Sometimes it’s a matter of being out of your routine and being away from your products that cause this to happen. Having fun on a getaway doesn’t mean you can’t still make good, healthful decisions, and it also doesn’t mean that you have to compromise your enjoyment. Our friend Dr. Trevor Cates shares a few suggestions.

Everyone loves a good vacation: the turquoise seas, crystal blue swimming pools, warm sun and soft sand and delicious food with no fear of having to sit at your desk the next day…

But all of these things can be bad news for your skin! Here are my top tips to prepare your skin before and during your vacation.


On a short flight you can get away withwearing make-up, but on long haul your skin needs to be make-up free. The air is extremely dry on airplanes, and the way to save your skin is to keep the moisture levels as high as possible. Prepare some Raspberry Seed Oil before you travel. Applying this oil is a great way to keep your skin nourished and balanced. This oil has the added benefit of being one of nature’s natural SPF’s.

There are some great essential oil blends that are fabulous on the psyche, and help to purify the air (useful when you are breathing in everyone else’s germs for 20 hours). Blends can include Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Juniper, Neroli, Lavender and Chamomile, and a few drops can be applied to the back of the neck or the temples.

Adding mineral drops or powders to your water is a good way to stay hydrated on the plane. Most water available in airports or purchased while traveling is bottled and sometimes demineralized.

Melatonin is a natural hormone that’s produced in your body to aid with sleep. If you’re sleeping in different time zones or catching some Zzz’s on a flight, you can take melatonin to get your beauty sleep. It doesn’t make you drowsy so you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go.

Hands: It’s not only your facial skin that dries out like a raisin, so do your hands. Apply and reapply a hydrating vitamin therapy hand cream throughout the flight. If you have brittle nails, you can use some coconut oil.

Lips: Apply a long lasting organic therapeutic balm or coconut oil every few hours especially after eating or drinking.

You’re exposed to a number of bacteria and viruses while traveling that can result in skin and other health problems. Keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face.

Post Travel

Even though you’re exhausted, try to apply your Raspberry or Cranberry Seed Oil, as the healing and soothing properties will help restore your skin.

Puffy Eyes? To reduce under eye puffiness after a long trip put crushed ice in a washcloth and apply it under the eyes. It’s an automatic wakeup call that makes you look and feel immediately fresher.

During Your Vacation

While you’re away don’t give your skin care routine a vacation! Remember it won’t be long before you have to hop back on the plane and fly home.

Since you’re exposed to a number of chemicals while traveling (such as jet fuel in the air, pesticides in food, and chlorine in your shower water), it’s essential to use clean personal care products to reduce your overall exposure to toxins. Now is definitely not the time to use synthetic ingredients with hormone disrupting effects.

While traveling, be sure to clean your skin with natural products every morning and night. Many people just splash their face with water in the morning, but your skin works extra hard while you’re sleeping to regenerate. In the morning, cleansing is essential to remove what your skin has expelled during the night.

Every evening, apply a moisturizer to nourish your skin while you’re sleeping. Try using your Cranberry Seed Oil or Avocado Face Moisturizer.

Protect: It goes without saying that sun protection is a must to protect your skin from the damaging elements. Apply, apply and reapply!

Happy Traveling…”

     – Dr. Trevor Cates is a licensed naturopathic physician with an education in science-based and integrative medicine and 14 years of clinical experience. She practices in Park City, Utah.

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